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Each province or territory covers medication differently. The following table details which medications are covered and the qualifications for public coverage. Access to standard care drugs depends on where patients live.You'll see that some are considered "Special Access" or "Restricted Access" which means they usually require you to have tried ( and 'failed' ) other therapies first and require your doctor to send some forms in to the Ministry of Health or to the Health Authority for approval. In this case, your dermatologist may require access to your medical records.

Table: Funding status by province of medications to treat psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Abbreviations: SA = Special Authorization (aka "limited use" or "exceptional drug status")

NIHB = Non-Insured Health Benefits. Covers registered First Nations and Inuit. Used by NT and NU.

Psoriasis drugs


Psoriatic arthritis drugs


Special Authorization Chart per province

Each province and territory has a different hurdle that patients must reach in order to qualify to receive a biological medication. Depending on where an individual lives, he or she may or may not be eligible to receive newer treatments. Click below to view the details for each province.

Comparison of Special Authorization criteria for biologic medications for psoriasis

table 4 c

Who to contact or how to apply for access in your province?




If you have not visited your physician on this matter

Please visit your physician to verify the prerequisites and contraindications. Share with your physician your overall physical and mental health, your lifestyle and treatment goals. Gather any/all supporting documentation from your family doctor, or any records showing prior trials with some of the medications listed.  

Once you have this information from your doctor, please go to the next section below.  

If you have visited your physician on this matter

If you have seen your physician then:

  • A medication has been selected and you may have no prerequisites and no contraindications.
  • A medication has been selected and you may have a contraindication to a prerequisite.
  • A medication has been selected however you have a prerequisite and no contraindications to this prerequisite. Your dermatologist (or rheumatologist) and you prefer to move ahead without having to try the prerequisite medication. You have the following options:

          Option A: A call from you or your physician to the Patient Support Program for this medication may help you get  access to your preferred medication. Click here for contact info 

          Option B: In some provinces a special fund exists that may (in special circumstances) cover the cost for your preferred medication. Contact your provincial health department - See the blue Table above. If you do not succeed, consider a clinical trial (see section C below).

          Option C: Consider learning more about a clinical trial. Click here for info 

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