Though nobody knows why alcohol abuse is more common in people with psoriasis than the general public. It may be that increased alcohol intake can lead to psoriasis, or that having a chronic disease like psoriasis may lead people to increase their intake. It may even be a combination of those two explanations.

Alcohol abuse can contribute to psoriasis and even make it worse. In addition, some medications for psoriasis can affect your liver, and you may be asked to cut out alcohol altogether.

If you have psoriasis, it makes sense to consider greatly reducing your intake of alcohol or even cutting it out altogether. Your doctor is an excellent resource for support and ideas to help you change your relationship to alcohol, so don’t be shy if you are ready to make that change—ask for help.


Extracted from: Living with Psoriasis,  Your Guide to Living Well After a Psoriasis Diagnosis. Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients, July 2015
Reviewed by: Sabrina Ribau
Medically Reviewed:  by Dr. Yvette Miller Monthrope, April 2021