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The Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients was formed to better serve the needs of psoriasis patients across the country.  We work in partnership with the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance  to improve the quality of life for all Candian psoriasis patients.  


Our Mission and Vision 


Mission Statement

To be a resource for psoriatic patients and their families to advocate for improved patient care and quality of life. 

Vision Statement

By 2023, Canadians living with psoriatic diseases will have equal access to best care and treatment.  

Who We Are

The Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients is run by a dedicated staff and a committed Board of Directors, who are either psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis patients themselves, family members of psoriasis patients, or individuals committed to furthering CAPPs Mission.

 CAPP is proud to represent Canada as a member of the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) . 

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We are also a members of the following: 

BMC horizontal English 1 alliance des patients Unknown



 Board of Directors

Morris Manolson - Co-Chair

Morrie headshot 2018Morris F Manolson is currently a Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate and Post Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Dentistry with a cross appointment in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on preventing the excessive bone loss associated with osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis and periodontal disease. In 2007, he received the "Quality of Life” award from the Institute for Muscularskeletal Health and Arthritis, and in 2008 he received the Canadian Institute of Health Research-Institute for Gender Health/Ontario Women's Health Council Senior Investigator Award, both in recognition of the importance of his work towards preserving bone health in arthritis and osteoporosis. He currently serves on grant and training scholarship reviewing committees for the Canadian Institute of Health Research and The Arthritis Society, was a member of the board of the Canadian Arthritis Network from 2007 to 2009 and served on the Scientific Advisory Committee for The Arthritis Society of Canada. His current research is funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research and has produced three patent applications and over 50 peer reviewed papers which have accumulated close to 3000 citations from other refereed journals (based on ISI Cited Reference Searching).

 Christian Boisvert-Huneault - Co-Chair

christianChristian Boisvert-Huneault is a radiation therapy technologist at the Cedars Cancer Centre of the McGill University Health Centre in Montréal, Québec. Since 2010, he helps cancer patients by administering radiotherapy treatments using focused high energy beam of radiation. He has a bachelors with honors in human kinetics from the University of Ottawa and a diploma in radiotherapy from Dawson College. He is a member on the exam sub-committee of L’Ordre des Technologues en imagerie médicale, radio-oncologie et électrophysiologie médicale du Québec. He is also a cyber-mentor on Academos, a French language online mentoring platform connecting professionals with young people with similar interests and to help guide them with their career choice.

Christian is invested in patient education and patient empowerment, working on many quality improvement committees at the MUHC. His work with the St Mary’s Research Centre on a tool kit for cancer patients completing active treatment was selected as ‘Innovate’ Top-ranked abstract at 2017 RTi3 conference, Canada’s premier annual meeting for the radiation therapy community.

Christian suffers from psoriasis since 2015, affecting mostly his hands, which makes handwashing difficult, an important part of infection prevention. He joined CAPP in 2017 in hopes of continuing to empower and educate people affected with psoriasis as well as their friends and family.

Holly Rockbrune - Treasurer   

Holly is an insurance professional with experience in supplementary insurance, short and long-term disability insurance, and travel insurance. As an experienced people leader, Holly manages of a team of adjudicators and administrative staff. Holly is fluently bilingual in French and English and maintains her French language through work and speaking with her oldest daughter who attends an all French school.

Holly completed an undergraduate degree from McMaster University in Psychology and holds an MBA from Ryerson University with a focus on Human Resources. Holly is a married mother of two young children and was diagnosed with psoriasis following the birth of her first child.

Holly volunteers on the board of directors for the Rainbow Songs Foundation as the Fundraising Chair. In addition, Holly is a committee member with the Royal Ontario Museum Diversity and Inclusion committee. Holly is an advocate for accessibility in the community and is also passionate about mental health.

Simon Cheng - Director

simonSimon has been living with psoriasis for over 20 years. When not raising awareness about psoriasis through his role on the Board of Directors, Simon brings his passion to incubating social enterprises and raising funds for a variety of organizations. Simon brings his business development skills to CAPP in addition to his lived experience with psoriasis. He previously held positions providing investment advisory services to high net worth individuals and institutional investors. 


Reena Ruparelia - Director 

reena headshotHi, I’m Reena and I’ve been living with Psoriasis for about 25 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 14 and that was a devastating and life changing moment for me. I spent most of my years living with psoriasis - hidden, ashamed and depressed.

In 2016, when things go really bad, I needed support and so I turned to the online community. I began sharing my journey and struggles with others. And to my delight, I was greeted by with acceptance, understanding and compassion. This changed the way I viewed myself and my skin. And I was reminded that I am not alone!

Nowadays, things have changed for me and I can honestly say, I live well in the skin I’m in! I run an online Instagram community (@psoriasis_thoughts) where I support others living with visible skin conditions and also advocate and raise awareness.

Professionally, I’m dedicated to health and wellness and spend a lot of my time as a mindfulness meditation guide and teacher running workshops around the city of Toronto. 

Kimberly Seguin - Director

kimberleyHi, my name is Kimberly Seguin. I have been a nurse for 15 years with the last 10 years as a case manager helping patients navigate the world of biologic treatments.

I also have Psoriasis. I was finally diagnosed in my mid twenties after 6 years of being treated for a multitude of different things. After being referred to a dermatologist my Psoriasis diagnosis was made and I have been successfully treated with a combination of topicals ever since.

In my spare time you can find me reading, doing yoga or spending time with my family and friends. 



Amanda Shanks - Director

amanda head shotAmanda has spent her career in academic management roles in the higher education sector and is currently an independent Human Resources business consultant, part-time instructor and certified personality theory training facilitator. Amanda was Founder and President of a grassroots youth support organization, and also established a higher education program for students with significant learning challenges. Amanda completed her undergraduate studies in English and Business in the U.K. and after relocating to Canada, graduated with a Human Resources Management Post Graduate Diploma from McMaster University. Amanda holds a CUCA designation from the Centre for Higher Education and Research, University of Manitoba, and a Mental Health in the Workplace Counselling Certificate from Queens University.

Amanda has been living with psoriasis for over eighteen years, however, the condition became progressively worse in 2005. In 2012, Amanda was fortunate to be asked to participate in a clinical trial for a new biologic treatment which positively changed her life. After being invited to speak to medical researchers at a large pharmaceutical company in Montreal to discuss psoriasis and the trial, Amanda discovered a passion for educating others about psoriasis and supporting those who live with this devastating condition and is now pleased to bring this experience to the board.

In her spare time, Amanda is active in the community, enjoys writing, and is currently working on her first book. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends and walking trails with her husband and beloved rescue dog Shep.



Rachael Manion - Executive Director

rachael head shot

Rachael joins the CSPA and CAPP from her role as a consultant with a public affairs firm where she supported clients in the health and life sciences sectors, including national patient organizations, to navigate the ever-changing policy, political and regulatory landscape. She appreciates the challenges facing patients when accessing treatments and brings a strategic and creative approach to advocating for better patient care.

A lawyer by background, Rachael has advised Health Canada on the regulation of health technologies, novel therapies and science policy. She has consistently supported the not-for-profit sector throughout her career, professionally and as a volunteer board member. She has worked on the front lines of healthcare in a community health centre for the street-entrenched population and in a pharmacy. She has a law degree from the University of British Columbia and an honours degree in mathematics from Dalhousie University.

Rachael is excited to be joining the patient advocacy and support community at a time when policy makers are actively recognizing its perspectives and expertise. She is looking forward to strengthening the broader skin patient communities and raising the profile of the challenges faced by patients affected by skin, hair and nail conditions. 

Helen Crawford - Manager; 

image1Helen has worked for the Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients since it's inception and also works for the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance.  Helen is often the voice you hear on the end of the phone and she is committed to the work of both the CSPA and CAPP.  She works alongside the CAPP team to ensure that the needs of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis patients in Canada are being addressed.

Helen is also a devoted mother of two teenage boys and is an active community volunteer who sits on two different school Parent Councils, is on the Board of Directors for the Nepean Minor Hockey Association, and volunteers for D.I.F.D, an organization aimed at bringing awareness to youth mental health. 

You can contact Helen by email at   


Medical Advisor

Dr. David Adam

dr adamDr. David Adam is the Medical Director of Baywood Dermatology. He is also the Lead Investigator at CCA Medical Research, a center for advanced dermatologic therapeutics.

Dr. Adam is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine. He is a staff dermatologist at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto where he also serves as the Site Director for Undergraduate Dermatology.

Dr. Adam received his medical degree at the University of Toronto graduating with honors. He completed his residency at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science, serving as Chief Resident.

Dr. Adam is also the President of the Dermatology Association of Ontario, serves as a reviewer for several medical journals and regularly publishes in peer reviewed journals.


Annual Reports


Pages from CAPP Annual Report 2019 20 12019-2020 Annual Report